Doctor Strange 2016 Movie Main Character Preview

Doctor Strange will continue to dwell on the idea of alternate universes and dimensions. Ant-Man tackled it before with the concept of the Quantum Realm or the Microverse in comic lingo. The Quantum Realm is an alternate dimension reachable only when someone shrinks down to a certain size which happened to the original Wasp, Janet Pym.

In Doctor Strange, the surgeon-turned-wizard played by Benedict Cumberbatch will be introduced to alternate dimensions as well. According to rumors, Dr. Strange will have the ability to travel through different realms or dimensions. Marvel honcho Kevin Feige expressed that the Quantum Realm and other “mind-bendingly hard to fathom” places will be instrumental in Phase Three. Ant-Man fans may want to watch the Doctor Strange  to see if the Sorcerer Supreme will find himself in the Quantum Realm and rescue Janet.

Suicide Squad Movie Experience Taking You to The Next Level

While many will be able to call it quits with the Suicide Squad movie preview, others will want to see the full movie now.  If you want to wait until the official release date, then you will have to wait until August 5th 2016.  However, if you know where to look online, than you can find the Suicide Squad full movie already available.  You are not alone in wanting to the watch Suicide Squad online.  In fact, a Suicide Squad stream is not uncommon and you may be able to watch Suicide Squad full movie if you get the right link.  Let’s take a moment to consider torrents.


A favorite for those who like sharing material, torrents provide an easy way to select through various available downloads to find what you want.  If you check different torrent sites now, you will see things for the Suicide Squad full movie already posted.  While we know that your desire to watch Suicide Squad full movie is strong, there are a few things that you should be aware of.  The biggest issue you will run into currently is bad links.  Whether there are not enough people seeding the movie or it is of poor quality, it may be that what you spend hours acquiring is a bad.  You can help yourself by reading any reviews or comments left by people and leaving your own regarding your experience.  Another thing to watch out for are scam links.  These may have you download the movie, but you will also be downloading a lot of spyware as well.  Be sure to run an up to date virus scan on anything you download before you open the packaged content.